Ovice Reveals Exciting Updates!

Ovice Reveals Exciting Updates!

Tailored maintenance & fun improvements

We’re full steam ahead on providing you with the best virtual experience at Ovice!

New Flips

Block to join

Control object volume

  • Restrict other users from joining your shared object by clicking on the green share button. 
  • When sharing a certain object, other users can adjust the volume by moving further away from the object.

Fixes and improvements

Range display authority

  • As you can see in the video above, when sharing an object with other users, only admins and members can now control the display range of that object.

Revamped room preview

  • Have a better preview when adding/editing rooms now that you have a clear view of the room dimensions in the whole space. Get it done right and quickly!

Private message notification

Username popping up

  • Make sure that your message will be read by tagging the receiver and they will get alerted by a notification sound.
  • We added a white highlight for your username so it can be easily noticeable among other users.

Our new features and improvements come from working backwards from our users’ most important reports, problems and, requests.