oVice Inc.

Natural Communication Online

oVice is on a mission to humanize online communications for natural interactions. We help you coordinate meetups and real-time collaboration in a virtual world. Born on the web, manage remote teams, events, online classes, communities, and even an entire company in one space.

Team Introduction​

Sae Hyung Jung Founder & CEO

Born in 1991, after graduating from high school in Australia, he returned to South Korea and started a trade brokerage business. In 2020, he established NIMARU TECHNOLOGY (currently oVice, Inc.) to create new technologies. After being stranded in Africa by Corona, he started developing oVice.

Hirokazu Hasegawa Director & CTO

Born in 1982. Since the age of 18, he has been working as a programmer alongside school, building a wide range of systems from embedded fields such as kernels and device drivers to server-side and network infrastructure. He has been in his current position since the establishment of NIMARU TECHNOLOGY (currently oVice, Inc.).

Company Profile

Company name
oVice, Inc.
250 Million Yen (including capital reserve)
113B, Motofuchumachi, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture
February 2020
Business Content
Development and provision of virtual space that can be used in virtual offices and online events
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