Expand your co-working space business online!
Support your team, hold events, and enhance networking skills just like in real life!
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Ovice offers seamless online event solutions and simultaneously boosts participants' networking skills.
You can use Ovice as an all in one tool, or integrate Zoom into Ovice, using Ovice as a webinar hub.
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#RemoteWork #CommunitySpace #EventSpace
Ovice is a powerful tool when it comes to staying connected with your team despite the distance!
Ovice stregthens the interaction and communication of your team which increases their productivity at work.
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Why Ovice?

Just Like In Reality

Louder and clearer voice from closer people, smaller voice from farther people. Move your avatar to talk with others just like in reality.

Seamless Communication

No more creating or switching rooms to join other conversations. Just get closer to others. Scared to engage in unknown conversations? Choose to listen from a distance first.

No Super Internet Required

Enjoy hassle-free networking even with your average internet speed. You only need minimum 3Mbps to use Ovice without stress.

Meeting Room

You can schedule a private meeting from Ovice rooms and choose to enable locking it or keep it open for others to join

Instant Meeting

Have a one-on-one meeting with your colleagues and let anyone join in just by simply clicking the crowd icon

Screen Share

Collaborate and share content through the screen sharing option for a better communication


Bring attention to your announcements or start a broadcast for everyone to hear

No Downloads or Installation

Get the most out of Ovice in your browser No download or installation required

Sell Sponsorship

Strategic partnership opportunities between event right holders, brand promoters and sponsors

Quick & Easy Setup

Get started easily and quickly no information necessary It's as easy as 1-2-3!

HD Video & Audio

A long-lasting experience with HD quality of vision and sound

More functions and usages are available!

Quick tour, no registration required.

Demo space is open 24/7

We are ready to support your event. Feel free to ask for help.

What We Can Do Together

Space to make your greatest impact.

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