Virtual space where you can talk just like in-person

Move closer to speak.
Start with "Hi, do you have a minute?"
Use oVice for remote work, events, and school.

Struggling with holding multiple online discussions at the same time

With oVice, you can communicate just like in Real life

Remote Communication Gets Real With oVice

Reach anyone in a matter of seconds!

Since you are in the same virtual space, you can see what other people are doing and talk to them easily and swiftly. Develop a more inclusive online communication style in remote work, events, and classrooms.

Easily walk in and out of conversations

At oVice, conversations are not boxed. Simply approach other people, eavesdrop on the topic, and decide whether to join or leave. Don't let distance get in your way and hold multiple group conversations simultaneously in one space!

Flexible availability status

Easily know if the other person is available to talk or not. Add a badge, move to a certain area, or go into a silent working room to let others know if you can chit-chat or want to stay focused.

Used by More Than 2,000 Companies and Organizations

Create your virtual world however you see it!

A remote office space 🏢

Bring your team to a virtual office where remote work is done efficiently. Communicate, collaborate, and host meetings, all in one space.

A virtual event venue 🎪​

Create an event venue for exhibitions, workshops, and social gatherings. Travel back and forth between floors where multiple discussions are facilitated.

An online classroom 🏛​

Students can meet in a lecture hall where the teacher presents the lesson on a stage. They can also work on assignments and have casual hallway talks just like in an actual school.

Replicate Real Spaces Online

Move your avatar closer and talk to others

Share your screen, camera, notes, and arrange instant meetings

Build separate meeting rooms for your confidential talks

Change the background that suits your needs and add fun objects

Let's Experience a Virtual Space Where Everyone Feels Closer to You

Try oVice at first hand

Get to experience how oVice works in the demo space and get help from our friendly staff while playing with various features

Learn more from our staff

No need to create rooms or send different links. Talk to people by moving your avatar closer to theirs.s

Create your virtual space

Use your virtual space for free for 30 days. Invite people and experience oVice together. Our staff will provide the necessary help.

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Let's Get You Started Along
With the Support of Our Staff

1. Demo experience

When you enter the demo space, feel free to reach out with any questions to our staff

2. Free trial use

Start your free 30-days trial and get to use oVice at its fullest glory

3. Get onboard

Our oVice support members will be with you on your trial journey for help and guidance and to answer to any requests

4. Subscribe

After your free trial period, you can subscribe to a monthly plan

oVice Pricing Per Space (Single & Continuous Usage)

Virtual office

Regular use

Per space (recommended number of 20 people)

$50/ Month

Virtual event

Single use

Per space (recommended number of 30 people)

$25/ Week

There is also a plan for 300 people

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