Information Security Policy
Basic Information Security Policy
We are engaged in the business of providing virtual spaces online, and the importance of maintaining reliability in that business is extremely important not only for customers but also for society. Our greatest responsibility is to maintain a high level of confidentiality of our customers’ information and to maintain a very stable information system environment. In addition, all employees must be aware that our oVice business is built on the trust of our customers and society.
In order to fulfill the responsibilities imposed on our company, the basic policy of information security shall be established, and all applicable persons shall act in accordance with the established policy.
  1. Establish an organization where management participates to promote and improve information security activities. In addition, the roles and responsibilities for information management shall be determined, and the operation of the information security management system shall be thorough.
  1. Our employees shall comply with the information security policy and related laws, regulations and contractual obligations and act responsibly.
  1. Establish criteria for risk assessment, identify risks to information assets, and implement a risk response plan.
  1. In order to protect the information entrusted by the company’s customers and continue the business, the information processing facilities and related equipment will be strictly protected from accidents, disasters, and external interference.
  1. The information security management system conducts periodic reviews, evaluates its effectiveness, and makes improvements as necessary. In addition, regular internal audits are conducted to clarify compliance with established rules.
  1. In the event of an accident or disaster in the service provided by our company, we will establish countermeasures for the emergency to continue our business without delay.
  1. Education and training will be provided to all employees, etc. related to information assets within the scope of application on basic policies, related standards, and procedures for information security.
【Enacted on March 1, 2021】
CEO Sae Hyung Jung