Practicing Full Remote Using oVice!

Practicing Full Remote Using oVice!

Company name: Creation Line Co., Ltd.
Industry: IT 
Number of people using “oVice”: 50 to 100

About Creation Line: An IT professional company with a lot of experience and knowledge about cutting-edge technologies such as cloud and OSS, with the goal of “realizing the evolution of society together with customers across innovation through IT technology.”

Q. What are your impressions of using “oVice”?

A. Compared to other tools, “oVice” has a clearer audio, and the avatars displayed on the screen look playful, so it was easy-to-use
** I find it attractive that you can easily chat and talk to others when you want to check up a little**

Q. How did you customize your space?

A. ** The layout design of our virtual office in the image below is based on our own office in Akihabara.**
**At “oVice”, I think it’s good to be able to customize the layout yourself **.

Q. Did you have any unexpected benefits?

A. **I have more opportunities to talk to employees working in London at our virtual office**. Also, since you can share YouTube videos, everyone spends their break time watching videos together.

Q. Please make a request for “oVice”.

A. I am worried that avatars will be difficult to track when displaying in the entire virtual office. Also, as long as you are logged in, The chat history will be saved, so if that could be improved, it will be easier to use for meetings with people outside the company for extra privacy!

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