Ovice Features Creativity

Ovice Features Creativity

At Ovice, There’s More Than One Way to Get Creative!

▶️Bring Out Motion to your Image

Use motion to increase performance and user engagement by displaying an animated image in Ovice space. Show an animated GIF, a video, or a banner and make your space look more creative and dynamic.

▶️Splash a Text

Make your static image come to life by revealing a text once clicking on the image. Attract other users by posting a question, making an announcement, or displaying a welcome message to keep them enthusiastic for more news!

▶️Pick it up and Make it Catchy

Catch someone’s eye by using the picket object to call attention to your favourite YouTube video, hype up your new designed poster, or even layout a message/link to a page for other users to follow.

You can even make your picket looking more fun and attractive by coloring it lively.

Room Settings

The Rooms Settings enable you to easily create meeting/silent rooms inside the Ovice space, customize them, and make adjustments wherever needed.

Get yourself a very organized space, stay connected with your different types of workspace teams by giving your room a title, add a schedule, or make it private by locking it. It’s for you to decide and you can keep the key for yourself or make a copy for other users to update too.

Let’s get creative and let’s do it fun and easy!