oVice as a Remote Working Solution Featured on TBS’s “Nsta”

oVice as a Remote Working Solution Featured on TBS’s “Nsta”

oVice was introduced on TBS TV “Nsta” broadcast on February 4th, 2021 as a remote working office space.

En-Japan Co., Ltd., which uses oVice as a virtual office believes that communication is facilitated through casual chatting while working remotely. For this reason, they made it obligatory to use oVice virtual space for casual chats and social gatherings.

◆ Mio Matsuda Working for En-Japan Corporation 

She states that “new ideas are born while chatting with colleagues or friends at oVice. This makes conversations come naturally just like in a real physical office”.
When you move your avatar back and forth from your seat to another, catching up with people around you, and building ideas together makes it very convenient and fun to use.

 Please turn on English subtitles (auto-generated) for the video below

If you need an online space to gather with your teammates, work, and collaborate in a fun and inspiring environment, try using oVice! You can completely tailor it based on your needs so it will work as a great match offering the same feeling of working in an offline office.

Visit our tour space for a quick demo: https://tour-en.ovice.in

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