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Breaking the constraints of office work and adding a human element to remote communication. oVice helps teams stay connected and enjoy their time at work.

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Our Story

oVice was conceptualized by our founder, Sae Hyung Jung, as he strived to create a platform to reconnect his divided team through the COVID pandemic. He realized that online communication platforms don't offer tools for seamless management and casual communication.

oVice was born to solve this problem - a virtual space where teammates can interact casually, start meetings in one click, and customize their workspace.

Since its release, oVice has been adopted by over 2200 companies worldwide and is used by businesses in the USA, Canada, Tunisia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Italy, Vietnam, and other countries.

Our Mission

Free everyone from physical limitations. We are now in the pandemic of the century. In the world where you can’t physically go to new “places”, meet new “people”, encounter new “opportunities” easily, we’re freeing people from physical constrains by offering our platform and innovating concepts of “spaces” and “distance” online and make everyone more comfortable.. We want to expand the possibilities of remote communication and start aiming to make it your new lifestlye. oVice is here to help start a new way of working in the metaverse. Born on the web, manage remote teams, events, online classes, communities, and even an entire company in one space.

Our Core Values
1. Do It Anyway

We are committed to pushing the boundaries on the future of work even when it comes with calculated risks. Our team goes beyond the standard and takes full responsibility for every decision.

2. Be Proud of your Work

We want to build a reliable, easy-to-use product that will support teams, organizations, and communities for years. That long standing commitment comes through in product, design, and communication practices.

3. Positive Communication

We believe that the remote work of the future is fun and playful. That’s why we make sure everyone on the team feels comfortable speaking their mind, brainstorming ideas, and voicing concerns.

4. 1+1 is Greater Than 2

Our team is our greatest asset. We value the contribution of everyone who is tirelessly working on improving the product. That’s why oVice always moves forward as a team, connected and united.

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