Ovice New Updates Bring Smoother Online Meeting Experience!

Ovice New Updates Bring Smoother Online Meeting Experience!

A Roundup of the Latest Ovice Updates!

Our team, as bright as a button, working on progressive enhancements in order to ensure positive performance of our service.

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-What’s New?-

Audio & Video Settings

Switch your microphone/camera selection from the advanced settings depending on your preference.

  • Click the arrow next to the microphone/video camera icon to open the audio/video options.
  • Select a different speaker/camera from the options available on your device.For example, if you want to use your Facetime camera instead of Snap Camera, you can just select the type of the camera you want.

Snap Camera

Bring the magic of lenses to your conference room and meetings.
•Download Snap Camera on your PC Windows or Mac.
•Once you’ve chosen your favorite filter, you can head back to Ovice and the filter will automatically appear on your video camera.

New Meeting Object Layout

  • Have easier control of your camera from the bottom menu bar during your meetings and enjoy the full screen view layout.

New Meeting Room Layout

Ovice meeting room now has a full screen layout display. Therefore, a better view of the participants and shared contents.
•The meeting room now has an integrated controller menu bar for quicker access to menu items.
• A list of meeting participants is now added so you can see all of the available members.
•Gallery view to see many participants at a time.
•Resize the video screen to create a grid view. 

Emojis are now sorted in a useful order within categories

  • You can finally have a faster emoji search experience with options to browse by category.
  • Quickly add cheeky yet expressive emojis to increase humor and engagements in your text messages.

We hope you enjoy using these updates as much as we enjoyed creating them!